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Inspection systems help ensure the safety, integrity and performance of your operations and equipment. History lessons chronicle avoidable disasters. Inspection systems are your investment in avoidable. Knowing, having foresight is the greatest investment you can make in ensuring the safety of your people, operational performance, and overall asset protection.

SIDUS has been the leader in inspection solutions since 2000. We exist to deliver situational awareness, to help our clients avoid the avoidable.

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SIDUS is veteran owned.

SIDUS has been a leader in subsea and topside inspection solutions since 2000.

SIDUS is proud to have worked with the biggest energy, maritime and defense operations on the planet.

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Inspection, Monitoring & Maintenance Systems

Equipment Inspection Systems are essential assets that safeguard savvy operators from costly downtime and expensive unexpected repairs or system replacements. SIDUS’s product solutions include both topside inspection systems and subsea inspection systems.

As experts in CCTV surveillance systems whether as a manufacturer or as a Systems Integration Specialist designing highly sophisticated, multi-station custom-build systems with third-party components, SIDUS delivers.

Topside and Subsea inspection equipment is required and regulated on Oil & Gas Offshore platforms and any other installations where hazardous or explosive environments exist. Topside and Underwater structures and equipment inspection via integrated video, LED lighting, strobe, and laser components safely capture data remotely to visually inspect and provide repair and maintenance solutions.

SIDUS customers that operate in explosive environments and hazardous area applications are required to comply with international standards, certifications, and Nation-specific sets of rules and regulations.

Subsea and topside inspection, maintenance, and repair are important to the integrity of the structure or vessel, whether on solid ground or in the open ocean. Inspection systems provide crew and safety inspectors with assistance to assure compliance and identify required repairs or replacements.

Subsea inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR) are effective deterrents to major catastrophic failure in systems and equipment, allowing for the discovery of problems before they cause expensive replacement or the need for frequent or untimely repair.

Situational awareness, security, and observation of crew and assets are critical in hazardous and safe area environments. Integrated Surveillance and Inspection Systems allow a complete overview of operations to maximize efficiency and safety. Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) or Offshore Platforms are regulated and require that equipment be certified an approved.

SIDUS is an industry leader that manufactures high-tech equipment and systems used for the most extreme subsea environments in defense / military, commercial, industrial, research, and oceanographic applications. The SIDUS Team has decades of on hand experience and expertise to assist customers in selection of the right solution for their installation or project.

Underwater structures are subject to corrosion and natural wear and tear. The risks of undetected flaws can be serious safety and financial issues that can impact the expected lifetime of assets. Recording, playback & analysis have become critical features of these systems, helping to reduce costs, and increase profits.

Topside structures are above the waterline, typically modular, installed onto either a fixed or floating underwater structure. The topsides often include the drilling rig, crew living accommodations and often processing facilities. These structures are subject to the extreme elements of the ocean environment as well as subject to the risk of explosion. A series of cranes for moving large items around the platform, industrial HVAC systems to provide climate control, and generators to provide electricity for the entire rig are also structures on the topside of Offshore Platforms.

Emergency and safety equipment is required by international regulation to ensure and support all personnel and worker safety on an offshore oil or gas rig.

Benefits of routine inspection

  • Increased Crew and Equipment Safety
  • Critical real-time information
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Efficient Operations
  • Reduced non-productive crew time
  • Safer Operations and reduced crew safety incidents
  • Reduced equipment errors and troubleshooting guesswork
  • Reduced weather-related risk management
  • Real-time activity and response monitoring
  • Crew product and system operation training

SIDUS is a 24-year specialty manufacturer and system integrator known for technical advancements in closed-circuit surveillance systems, video recording, and distribution. Utilizing our combined knowledge and experience, SIDUS is committed to developing inspection solutions that can be custom configured to meet or exceed specifications outlined by customers.

SIDUS offers a robust product line that includes underwater pan & tilt assemblies, cameras with depth ratings from 30 to 7000 meters and diverse feature sets, ultra-bright lights, and lasers as well as commissioning services, a Pressure Testing facility, 24/7 technical support, and custom engineering.

From still photography to high-definition video streaming, SIDUS has a visual capture solution for observation with variable mounting, and housing options. SIDUS is a one-stop resource of inspection cameras for various applications.

Types of Inspection Products

SIDUS CCTV video cameras and specialty cameras come in a variety of configurations and robust features. Subsea cameras range from 30 to 7000-meter depths depending on the model, specifications, and application.

Types of Topside Products
Topside Cameras (Pelco and Hernis products)
Topside Inspection Systems

Types of Subsea Products

Subsea Cameras
SS400 HDR IP Color camera – max. 300 m
SS401 Miniature Color Zoom camera with remote control
SS402 Color camera – max. 3000 m
SS403 B&W Low Light camera
SS408 B&W Low Light IR Sensitive camera
SS420 Color Zoom camera – max. 3000 m
SS422 Color Zoom camera – max. 6000 m
SS425 High-Resolution B&W, Low Light camera, Aluminum, 0.0001 Lux – max. 3000 m
SS426 High-Resolution B&W, Remote Zoom camera, Aluminum, 0.0001 Lux – max. 500 m
SS430 High-Resolution B&W camera, SS 316L, 0.0001 Lux – max. 3000 m
SS435 High-Resolution, B&W, Low Light camera, Titanium housing
SS446 High-Definition Color Zoom camera
SS455 Hyperbaric IR HD video camera
SS465 High-Definition IP Network Color Zoom camera
SS474 HDR IP Network camera – TRUK
SS490 4K UHD 20x Zoom camera
SS550 DarkCrystal CAM – HDR IP Network camera
SS560 Ultra Mini Color camera with adjustable white HBLED ring light

Subsea Positioners
SS109APT Acoustic Pan & Tilt unit for imaging sonars, Aluminum housing – 30.5m up to 3000 m max.
SS109HT High Performance Pan & Tilt unit – 4000 m up to 6000 m max.
SS110 Pan & Tilt unit, SS 316L housing – 3000 m up to 6000 m max.
SS120 Pan & Tilt unit, Titanium housing – 3000 m up to 6000 m max.
SS250 “Deep Blue” Heavy Duty Pan & Tilt unit, Aluminum housing – 3000 m up to 6000 m max.
SS251 Heavy Duty Pan & Tilt unit, SS 316L housing – 3000 m up to 6000 m max.
SS252 Heavy Duty Pan & Tilt unit, Titanium housing – 3000 m up to 6000 m max.

Subsea Rotators
SS309 Compact Rotator unit, Aluminum housing – 3000 m up to 6000 m max.
SS310 Compact Rotator unit, SS 316L housing – 3000 m up to 6000 m max.
SS320 Compact Rotator unit, Titanium housing – 3000 m up to 6000 m max.
SS350 Heavy Duty Rotator, Aluminum housing – 30 m, 3000 m and up to 6000 m max.
SS351 Heavy Duty Rotator unit, SS 316L housing – 3000 m up to 6000 m max.
SS352 Heavy Duty Rotator unit, Titanium housing – 3000 m up to 6000 m max.

Subsea LED Lights
DARK SABER – SS182mkII LED Light + Laser + Strobe – 4000 m up to 6000 m max.
SS174 Stainless Steel Sea Torch – up to 3000 m max.
SS181mkII High Output LED Light with dimming – up to 1000 m max.

Subsea Lasers
SS501 Green Laser – up to 6000 m max.
DARK SABER – SS182mkII LED Light + Laser + Strobe – 4000 m up to 6000 m max.

Subsea Inspection Systems
Anchor Bolster Inspection System
BOP Inspection Package
Guide Wire Inspection System
Video Laser Scan(tm) – MAYOL, A VLS(tm) 3D System
Diver Detection Sonar System
Diver Support Camera System
Subsea Observation System
Surface and Subsea Inspection Package

Topside inspection systems and Subsea inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR) systems have numerous applications.

Applications for SIDUS subsea cameras and CCTV stations include

  • Subsea inspection and exploration
  • Explosion-proof CCTV systems
  • IP Network systems integrations
  • Specialized cameras; Hyperbaric, High-Definition, Thermal, Infrared
  • Topside and Underwater surveillance video cameras
  • Oil & Gas Offshore platform security surveillance systems
  • Crane and Hoist camera observation systems
  • Naval vessels
  • Shipyard construction and facilities
  • Harbor, and Port facilities
  • Unmanned Robotic vessels, ROV, AUV
  • Aquaculture
  • Hydroelectric
  • Nuclear Power installations

What kind of subsea inspections are performed?
There are several important subsea inspections that are performed on the underwater structures of Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms, pipeline, FSO / FPSO, buoy mooring and deepwater installations. The equipment includes; Wellhead and Tree, Jumpers / Spools, Flows / Pipelines, Risers, Umbilicals, Power Cable, Flying Leads, HIPPS, Control and Monitoring System, Subsea Processing Equipment, Subsea Manifolds / Structures, and Foundation.

What are the operators looking for during a subsea inspection of underwater structures?
The remote subsea inspection of the structure, mechanisms, joints, working parts, and mounting devices allows the operator to assess weak points in the materials, schedule part replacements, or required maintenance in advance of failures. The physical assets on the ocean floor (pipeline, cables) or Xmas trees also require frequent inspection and monitoring.

Ultra bright LEDs and cameras mounted on remotely manipulated positioners, provide real time visual assessment capabilities via unmanned ROVs in deep subsea applications up to 6000 meters. Diver helmets are configured for underwater inspections with ultra bright LEDs and cameras. Subsea system inspections provide cost savings in preventative maintenance. Subsea inspection systems help identify the corrosion, damage, and deterioration that the harsh marine environment and external stress of waves and currents on subsea structures can have.

What is Subsea IRM?
Underwater or Subsea Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) are the types of inspections done on subsea components of Offshore Platforms.

Subsea Integrity management is a large concern, especially for aging subsea assets. For existing subsea assets, subsea inspections, monitoring schedules and scheduled repairs, decrease the potential for failures and lost time. Inspection and subsea monitoring systems can aid in identifying areas of improvement and noncompliance.

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