Sidus Products


Subsea & Topsides CCTV Security
and Surveillance Camera Systems

From still photography to high-definition video streaming, SIDUS has developed an extensive line of subsea and topside cameras for all of your imaging needs. Our high resolution cameras can capture even the most intricate details, in the most difficult and hazardous environments.

Applications include: hyperbaric, subsea inspection and exploration, explosion-proof CCTV systems, IP Network systems integrations, high-definition, thermal, infrared, topside and underwater surveillance video cameras, oil & gas offshore platform security surveillance systems, crane and hoist camera observation systems, Naval vessel & Shipyard construction, government facilities, aquaculture, hydroelectric, and nuclear power installations.

Subsea CCTV Cameras

Deepwater video cameras that can withstand depths of 3,000 to 11,000 meters, extreme temperatures, and pressure while providing clear, crisp, high definition images and video with the aid of built-in features; IP Networking, IR, and integrated ultrabright LEDs.

Explosion Proof CCTV Cameras

Whether you are searching for a hazardous area CCTV System, safe area CCTV monitoring system, or environmentally robust subsea inspection cameras with built-in HBLED, pan & tilt, wide dynamic range, and 316L stainless steel housing, SIDUS is your imaging and CCTV camera system integration provider.

Safe Area CCTV Cameras

Weatherproof highly effective and robust camera systems that can withstand harsh environments, salty seas, vibration, and wild temperature swings, arctic and tropical. Technically advanced camera systems with longevity and stability as proved by decades of operation and reliability.

Specialty Cameras

These cameras often operate in extreme environmental and lighting conditions and are able to perform specific functions.  Custom built systems and engineering technology to provide solutions for a wide range of applications.