Sidus Solutions Repair Procedure

SIDUS Solutions takes all reasonable care to ensure that products are manufactured without fault. However, should a problem occur, our repair service and replacement procedure will ensure prompt resolution to any issue.

The SIDUS repair service procedure is as follows:

Obtain an RMA Number

Once the RMA Request Form has been completed, received, and processed, the customer is assigned an RMA number.

RMA Request Form

Package and Delivery

Returned products must be properly packaged to avoid damage during transit.

The assigned RMA number must be clearly written on the return package before delivery. Please also include the RMA number on all return documents.

Product Check upon Arrival

SIDUS’ Return Center personnel will check your returned product upon arrival.

If the product appears to have been damaged during shipment or contains issues other than those outlined in the RMA request, a SIDUS representative will contact the customer before proceeding.


An engineering technician will perform a visual inspection and functional test of the returned item to confirm the defect by attempting to replicate the failure mode.

Once the failure mode is duplicated, the engineering team will determine whether the cause of the defect is warranty or non-warranty-related. Information regarding our warranty policy can be found here.

Warranty Policy

The repair service order will be updated with results, cost of repairs (if out-of-warranty) and the customer will be contacted for repair approval (if out-of-warranty).


The customer will be charged for the repairs if the product is out-of-warranty or the repair engineer determines that the issues were caused by misuse, abuse, or unauthorized repair. All out-of-warranty repairs will be charged a minimum two (2) hour evaluation fee.

The customer will be sent a repair invoice for confirmation of charges.

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