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Situational Awareness is

Topside surveillance protects your employees, assets and overall operation. Energy, maritime and defense operations face operational threats ranging from employee safety protocols, system leaks and process breakdowns to terrorism or vandalism.

SIDUS, a veteran owned and led company provides our clients the trust and confidence they require in surveillance investments. Our industry best cameras, ranging from thermal, explosion proof, to ultra-low light set the standard for quality. Our advanced video analytics and systems deliver real-time insights and alerts so our client’s teams can work smarter, safer and more efficiently.

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Topside Specs

SIDUS can custom-design or integrate existing third-party components with sophisticated monitoring and control systems to ensure that surveillance cameras are capturing the right images at the right times. On oil rigs, offshore platforms, and large vessels on the open seas, topside safety operation requires operators have a reliable CCTV system.

Real-time visual monitoring of critical components and hazardous areas allows operators to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise.

Topsides observation and monitoring systems are an important investment for any operation that operates complex machinery in challenging environments, and SIDUS can provide the expertise and support you need to ensure that your system is effective, sustainable, and reliable.

SIDUS offers ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that your CCTV system continues to operate effectively over time. This might include regular inspections and testing, as well as repairs and upgrades as needed.

Topside Crew Safety & Compliance

  • CCTV cameras positioned strategically topside are an integral tool for Health & Safety applications to observe the operating conditions of the work environment, assess the environmental impacts of the work activities, and achieve asset and worker protection.
  • Topside CCTV systems can aid in the identification and investigation of incidents or accidents that do occur. Intrusion detection and prevention systems thwart attempted unauthorized access and can detect an unusual fluctuation in process parameters. Prompt action can prevent a minor incident from becoming a major problem.
  • High-quality cameras and recording equipment capture detailed footage that can be used to understand what went wrong and take steps to prevent similar incidents in the future.
  • Because of SIDUS’ ability to stay abreast of and respond to the growing governmental reporting regulations, our client companies can maintain or reduce their costs and the number of workers required to secure and monitor their assets and processes. Industry awareness allows our customers to maintain a company presence, meet regulations, and protect their employees’ personal safety and security.

Hazardous and Explosive Environments

  • Topsides surveillance and monitoring systems must be designed to operate in a full range of extreme conditions from arctic cold, to high-temperature applications in the gas treatment process.
  • Allowing operators to detect and respond to potential safety hazards quickly and efficiently.
  • Enhance monitoring equipment operation and maintenance.
  • Compliance with Industry-specific international equipment certifications and safety laws.

Topside Equipment Monitoring

  • CCTV systems allow operations to monitor locally in the wheelhouse or the control center or monitor remotely in a distant location.

Topside Crane CCTV Systems

  • Surveillance and observation systems supplied with up to 3 cameras (Ex or Weatherproof) provide the crane operator with a clear view of the cargo, the wire drum, and the pedestal enhancing hoisting operations as well as crew safety during operational maneuvers.
  • Cameras and mounts suitable for installation on equipment including telescopic cranes, tower cranes, crawler cranes, and harbor cranes.
  • Camera feature sets include oil damper suspension for delivery of stable pictures relayed directly to the crane operator’s monitor, picture-in-picture view, clear top view of load and crane hook assembly, automatic zoom, and object tracking (optional), long-life design, and easy controls.

Topside Monitoring of Diving Operations

  • Medical staff remote monitoring of divers in decompression chambers
  • Remote viewing of video and images captured via a specialized diver helmet equipped with underwater cameras, lighting, and lasers allows advanced visual capture of tight, dark usually unavailable inspection points and spaces while underwater

Specialty cameras designed for specialized topside applications often operate in extreme environmental and lighting conditions and can perform specific functions. SIDUS specializes in custom-built systems and implements advanced engineering technology to provide solutions for a wide range of applications.

Surveillance, inspection, and monitoring cameras installed Topside are designed to withstand rain, snow, and dust due to their IP67 weatherproof ratings. Rugged design, infrared (IR) night vision, low light sensitivity, and great picture quality stand out as features that are essential for quality image output. Information gathered from the topside CCTV system can be used to make informed decisions about how to mitigate risks, optimize workflows, and improve overall safety and productivity.

The camera features that increase the viability and clarity of the images captured include Ultra High Definition, PoE, IP Network, Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ), Wide View Lens, Infrared Illumination (IR) Night Vision, Remote Zoom, Auto Iris, and Auto Focus functions. SIDUS can assist in the selection of the topside CCTV system best suited for the job.

SIDUS offers the widest range of camera stations and system solutions, and the technical and engineering experience to meet today’s demanding surveillance and security needs. With products available that are explosion-protected or weatherproof, analog or IP, fixed, dome or PTZ, our expertise, and proven reliability can meet your specification requirements.

As a professional integrator of CCTV systems and camera stations from simple to extremely complex, SIDUS has assisted some of the largest operators in the Oil and Gas industry to outfit and/or upgrade their systems.

Topsides Hazardous Area Surveillance Systems, Components, and Services.

Situational awareness, security, and observation of crew and assets are critical in hazardous and safe area environments. Specializing in environmental cameras, robotic positioning, and lighting systems, SIDUS services and manufactures complete, integrated security and surveillance solutions for any marine, defense, and subsea application.

It is essential for project planning to understand the types of platforms and the various codes (ABS, USCG, DNV, etc.) and regulations that differ depending on the platform, its function, and location. Each type of structure has specific requirements that can impact the equipment and facility specifications utilized for its topsides structure.

SIDUS cameras, CCTV security surveillance stations, and other topside products are installed in many applications spanning a wide range of Industries. They include:

  • Maritime
  • Shipyard
  • Military
  • Research
  • Academic
  • Government
  • Oil & Gas
  • Offshore Platforms – Fixed Platform (FP), Compliant Tower (CT), Tension Leg Platform (TLP), Spar Platform
  • FLNG facility
  • Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO)

What is the topside of an Offshore oil rig, or storage or offloading platform?
Topside refers to the parts above the waterline. The deck, the drilling equipment, rigging, processing, crew quarters, and other structures that are above the underwater structure.

Are there regulations for topside operations on an Offshore Platform?
The environment on the open ocean at sea is hostile and unforgiving. Surveillance systems, monitoring and inspection systems, lighting, mounting devices, and cameras used on Offshore Platforms are tightly regulated. These systems are designed to withstand both the natural conditions at sea, and the explosive and hazardous environments of the cargo – oil & gas, explosive materials, and dust. International regulations and standards are required and in place for manufacturers of equipment used in hazardous and explosive environments.

Why is Situational Awareness important topside on an Offshore Platform, Ship or Floating Offshore Rig?
Situational awareness topside in explosive, dust filled, and hazardous environments is a crew and equipment safety and security issue. Topside video CCTV system integration provides a moment-by-moment ability to monitor and asses the state of the platform [ship, aircraft, plant, dam, machinery, etc.], its systems, and its environments. Specialty Crane camera systems provide additional safety and situational awareness topside, saving time, avoiding costly equipment damage and safe real time observation of assets and the crew in difficult to see locations.

Can existing camera and mounting equipment be integrated into a new, more expanded system?
SIDUS has the skill, engineering capability and technical experience to provide a system wide integration, install necessary upgrades, and train your crew on the intricate and detailed observations at your fingertips with a completely integrated and operational topside security and monitoring system.

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