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SS109APT High Performance Acoustic Pan & Tilt Device for Imaging Sonars

SS109APT High Performance Acoustic Pan & Tilt Device for Imaging Sonars

SIDUS Solutions SS109APT underwater acoustic pan & tilt has been purposely designed and built to meet the demanding requirements for long-range imaging sonar applications. As part of the design effort, we took careful consideration of the key features an advanced imaging sonar system would demand.

The SS109APT includes user-selectable, uniform, low & high-speed rotation, near-zero backlash gearing, and high accuracy optical feedback positioning for the accurate display of dynamic, static, or “send or go to” positions. Each pan & tilt is pre-programmed to your demanding requirements – including customization. Extreme slow and/or variable rotation speeds are easily managed via the provided graphical user-defined digital control.

SIDUS Solutions has taken the proven field-tested features of our high torque pan & tilts and added the features insisted by serious operators. At SIDUS Solutions, we are committed to providing you with a modular design to simplify field repair; requiring only small hand tools for complete break-down. We offer options for all your mounting needs and include software-defined limit switches and/or hard stops to keep cable wrap under control. Positioning accuracy required by sonar operations necessitates we use optical encoders for low noise and high accuracy feedback.

Operating depth options:  100 feet / 30.5 meters (air filled), 10,000 feet / 3,050 meters (oil filled) – full ocean depth compensated – and 19,685 feet / 6,000 meter option available on request.

SIDUS Solutions supplies partial or complete turnkey inspection system equipment and services. Ask your representative today about other SIDUS Solutions product offerings and services.

SS109APT Pan & Tilt Assembly Datasheet

Height: 8.2 in. / 208 mm
Width: 6.6 in. / 168 mm
Depth: 3.3 in. / 81 mm
Weight: 9.3 pounds / 4.2 kilograms (in air)
5.9 pounds / 2.7 kilograms (in water
Housing: Hard anodized aluminium / stainless steel / titanium
Connector: Customer selectable
Operating: 100 feet / 30.5 meters (air filled)
10,000 feet / 3,050 meters (oil filled) – full ocean depth compensated
19,685 feet / 6,000 meter option available
Operating power: 24 VDC @ 1.2 A max (each axis) 
Torque: up to 14 foot pounds / 19 Nm (each axis)
Rotation speed: Selectable down to 0m 0.5 degree/second
Gear Backlash: <3 arc minutes (approx 0.05˚)
Scan Range:
360 degrees both axis
180 degrees tilt axis with yoke
Communication: RS232, RS422 or RS485
Feedback: Optical encoders 0.3 degrees resolution