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Topside surveillance protects your employees, assets and overall operation. Energy, maritime and defense operations face operational threats ranging from employee safety protocols, system leaks or process breakdowns to terrorism or vandalism.

Subsea surveillance protects the assets that can’t be seen above the waterline. These underwater structures and systems face the same if not more of the harsh and forbidding elements of the ocean environment. SIDUS offers robust, long-term subsea surveillance solutions that are depth rated up to 6000 meters.

SIDUS, a veteran owned and led company provides our clients the trust and confidence they require in surveillance investments. Our industry best cameras, ranging from thermal, explosion proof, to ultra-low light set the standard for quality. Our advanced video analytics and systems deliver real-time insights and alerts so our client’s teams can work smarter, safer and more efficiently.

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We are your partner for subsea and topsides solutions. From fully custom, build to fit implementations to system integrations and more, SIDUS brings you the expertise and experience to get the job done right.

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Surveillance Solutions

SIDUS Solutions, LLC is a specialty manufacturer known for advancing technical developments in surveillance systems, video distribution & remote positioning used in industrial applications, hazardous areas, and subsea applications.

SIDUS benefits from a seasoned staff with many years of combined technical hands-on expertise. Our team is made up of talented crafts men and women who are uniquely suited and experienced in robotic positioning, video, optics, lighting, control, and monitoring systems.

From remote viewing of real-time events to capture of video, images, and events on USB, SIDUS security & surveillance systems are designed to provide the data collection and clarity of viewing the end user is looking to achieve. Whether it is topside on an Offshore Platform or at the Production Facility where gas and particulate matter in the air and explosive and hazardous substances are present, or subsea surveillance of structures and components, SIDUS engineers and technicians are experienced in the objectives, and obstacles faced by the customer.

SIDUS understands that situational awareness – knowing the critical elements of information around you-is primary in hazardous and high-risk industries. Facility-wide surveillance systems are an essential part of asset security and safety operations in explosive atmospheres and hazardous area zones industries. For this reason, SIDUS products incorporate the innovation, integration, and durability you require for all of your imaging, monitoring, and surveillance projects.

SIDUS Solutions is a specialty manufacturer known for its technical developments in Surveillance Systems, Video Distribution, Remote Positioning Systems, High Bright LED Lighting, and Laser Projectors.

SIDUS is also an experienced systems integrator of Hazardous Area and Subsea Video Systems for oil & gas, deep water, defense, and industrial applications. Surveillance systems are required in these dangerous industries, and they are tightly regulated. As an ISO 9001 manufacturer, SIDUS is committed to delivering excellence.

Engineering Support for EPCs, Installation Contractors & Operators

At SIDUS, we work with customers to provide the products and services they want and need. Sometimes, this requires seamlessly integrating with third-party components, engineering professionals, as well as crew members. Surveillance systems solutions often include the following:

  • Front End Engineering & Design
  • 3rd Party Engineering, Procurement & Integration
  • Construction & Foundation Documentation
  • Project Specific Technical Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Site Supervision
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Continuous collaboration to ensure system integrity and sustainability

SIDUS separates itself as a manufacturer for the fact that we provide Engineering, Commissioning, and Field Support Services to both onshore and offshore customers. To that end, our customers are our best design innovators, product managers, and support staff; and for that – we listen.

SIDUS is an industry leader in security surveillance and monitoring systems for subsea, underwater, or topside, for hazardous or safe areas – SIDUS’ electronic, mechanical, and project management expertise provides you with solutions!

Our installation and commissioning services include detailed project management, inventory, and inspection of identified equipment, system installation through to site acceptance test (SAT), customer training, and documentation.

SIDUS subsea positioners, cameras, lights, lasers, and surveillance systems are installed around the globe, in numerous applications, engineered and constructed to withstand the harshest environments and the ocean’s greatest depths.

We convert customer requests into actual systems and assist clients to define critical criteria requirements. As experts on marine corrosion and pressure-tolerant electronics and equipment, our subsea and topside surveillance systems deliver as promised. SIDUS camera and CCTV video surveillance products offer housing options, feature sets that offer advanced optical design, advanced hyperspectral imaging, and polarized light image sensors that display images with definition and clarity.

Types of cameras & surveillance systems

Surveillance systems can be simple or extremely complex. At SIDUS we have the privilege of working with some of the most well-known Brands in the world on sensitive and critical infrastructure, both on land and at sea in the open ocean. Whether the surveillance system is to be designed for a multi-camera surveillance station on an Offshore platform that requires both subsea and topside surveillance or a port facility or nuclear reactor, SIDUS delivers!

Situational awareness, security, and observation of crew and assets are critical in hazardous and safe area environments. Specializing in environmental cameras, robotic positioning, and lighting systems, SIDUS services and manufactures complete, integrated security and surveillance solutions for any marine, defense, topside, and/or subsea application.

Multi-use Video Cameras and Surveillance systems

  • Still photography to high-definition video streaming
  • Subsea and topside cameras
  • Variable Mounting and Housing Options
  • Expertise with the integration of third-party systems

Sophisticated Feature Sets*

  • Depth Ratings: 30, 300, 6000 or 11,000 m (about 6.84 mi)
  • Low latency (200mS) IP streaming
  • Miniature size, light weight
  • Full HD Resolution
  • True Wide Angle of View
  • Rectilinear Lens, very low distortion, <2%
  • Onboard Recording: Video or Stills, 256GB

*Depending on camera model and configuration

SIDUS surveillance and security systems solutions encompass a wide range of products. Operator-friendly systems that are practical, robust, and cost-effective are signature solutions developed by our Team. SIDUS technical training, and 24/7 support bridge the partnership we build with our customers.

Our surveillance applications assist the client in effectively managing their assets through the protection of their facilities, the safeguarding of their goods, and most importantly the security, safety, and protection of their personnel.

Applications for SIDUS surveillance systems include:

  • Oil & Gas Leaders & Services
  • Academic Research Institutes
  • Nuclear Power
  • Renewable Energy
  • Chemical Petrochem & Industrial
  • Defense Contractors
  • Military / Defense
  • Maritime & Shipping
  • Dams & Inland Waterways


How user friendly are the integrated topside surveillance systems?
SIDUS is a certified CCTV integration specialist with a combined engineering and technical expertise of over 125 years in the maritime industry. Surveillance systems are operator friendly, practical, with straight forward and easy to use controls. Technical training and 24/7 support are signature deliverables.

Can surveillance cameras from different manufacturers be integrated?
Yes. Under most circumstances, the integration is possible. The SIDUS team can provide an overview and plan to integrate systems and provide a system wide solution.

Do crane surveillance cameras have mounting options?
Yes, there are several crane camera mounting options. In some circumstances engineering is asked to customize a solution.

Do surveillance cameras in explosive areas come with infrared capabilities?
Surveillance system CCTV capabilities have expanded and greatly improved in recent years. Infrared, IP, high-definition, color, wide angle, and zoom functionality are built into a selection of options for hazardous and explosive area cameras..

Can cameras be used in the darkness of the deep ocean?
Cameras for subsea surveillance can reach depths up to 6500 meters in total darkness supplied with integrated HBLED lighting and remote zoom capabilities.

Can more than one monitor be used with an integrated surveillance system?
Yes. Multiple monitor stations can be configured and installed.

How many cameras can be integrated into a surveillance system?
SIDUS has integrated surveillance systems with more than 100 cameras. The project application and facility will determine the parameters and challenges that engineering, and technicians will consider for the design and implementation.

Does Engineering play a part in the integration of surveillance systems?
Surveillance systems on Offshore Platforms, hazardous area installations and high-risk environments are of necessity, engineered to withstand explosive environments and the challenges of the open ocean, waves, currents and extreme weather conditions. International and industry certifications and requirements include documentation, inspection and approval of components and systems. Engineering collaborates with the installation and design team to streamline the process.

SIDUS is compliant with ISO 9001 Quality Management standards.

ISO 9001 is the standard created by the International Organization for Standardization in connection with quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach, and continual improvement. Conforming to ISO 9001 standards and procedures helps ensure we offer consistent, good-quality products and services. It also aims to promote the professional development of our employees and the company culture.

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