We are your partner for subsea and topsides solutions. From fully custom, build to fit implementations to system integrations and more, SIDUS brings you the expertise and experience to get the job done right.



Build to fit - Custom Design & Implementation

SIDUS provides services and equipment for subsea, heavy commercial, industrial, and oil & gas markets.  Custom-built solutions for CCTV security surveillance systems, monitoring systems, as well as subsea inspection systems require a significant knowledge base to integrate and operate properly.  SIDUS team members are seasoned professionals with decades of expertise and experience.

These custom-designed systems range from simple crane camera systems, derrick camera systems, and helideck camera systems, to advanced digital IP CCTV systems with over 90 cameras and 20 monitor stations.  All offer a wide range of explosion-proof CCTV solutions.

Benefit from a bespoke, custom system implementation from discovery and architecture to systems installation, training and hand off.

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System Integrations

Do you currently have systems in place that you want to add to or upgrade? SIDUS is one of the only certified partners to support full systems integration.

SIDUS provides third-party security systems integration and engineering services for monitoring apparatus to enhancing safety and security and improved inspection surveillance & productivity.

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Commissioning & Installation Services

SIDUS commissioning and installation services include detailed project management, inventory sourcing and management, inspection of identified equipment, system installations to site acceptance testing (SAT), customer training, and documentation.

For over 2 decades, our clients have trusted us to facilitate complex projects to the highest standards of safety and quality.

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Customer Training

Why elevated training? First the inspection and surveillance industries and solutions are increasing complexity and regulation – providing our clients with the elevated training to understand the technologies, capabilities and industry regulations is vital.

Secondly, the right training ensures that our clients are going to receive maximum benefit, value and overall ROI from their investment.

SIDUS offers our partners full training solutions from engineering and technicians to the hands-on operators.

24/7 Technical assistance

When you require technical assistance, especially in applications where hazardous or explosive conditions are present, having access to, and reaching a qualified technician is critical.

Beyond product – there is power in partnership. SIDUS offers our clients 24/7 technical support.

Again. SIDUS offers our clients 24/7 technical support.

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