Explosion Proof CCTV Cameras

Whether you are searching for a hazardous area CCTV System, safe area CCTV monitoring system, or environmentally robust subsea inspection cameras with built-in HBLED, pan & tilt, wide dynamic range, and 316L stainless steel housing, GO SIDUS!

SIDUS is your imaging and CCTV camera system integration provider.
We specialize in explosion-proof camera stations built to monitor and control operations in hazardous locations with risks of explosion due to the presence of flammable liquids, dust, and combustible gases.

Looking for a wide variety of explosion proof CCTV video camera systems that can either be integrated into existing system components where possible or as a replacement with expanded functionality and purpose?  GO SIDUS!

Camera features that increase the viability and clarity of the images captured include Ultra High Definition, PoE, IP Network, Wide View Lens, Infrared Illumination (IR) Night Vision, Remote Zoom, Auto Iris, and Auto Focus functions.

Equipment Certifications may include the following:  Global standards such as UL, CSA, ATEX, IECIx, and EAC Ex to ensure operation in explosive environments.

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