Explosion Proof Monitors

Explosion proof monitors are essential in harsh environments where hazards can occur. Ideal for use in spaces with highly combustible gasses; Class I, div I, Group B, C, D, and div 2 Group E, F, G Enclosures intended to protect electrical equipment.

Hazardous area monitors are designed to operate in hazardous locations and are able to withstand water, corrosion, dust and flammable gasses, these EX Monitors have various certifications depending on the model and application; designed for the following areas; Atex ExII2G, EExe II T6 IP66, and Zone 1 ATEX.

Understanding whether a particular product can be employed in a certain area requires information on how the area and potential risk therein has been classified by the site or plant in question.

The Zones are decided by the site based on a risk assessment of the likelihood of a potentially explosive atmosphere being present. Contact Sidus Solutions sales to determine the product best suited to your application.

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