Sidus offers 2 models of halogen light products. The SS172 Sea Torch Light and the SS174 Stainless Steel Sea Torch Light.

The halogen light lamp is a type of incandescent lamp which uses a halogen gas in order to increase both light output and rated life. They are known for moderately high efficiency, quality of light, and high rated life compared to regular incandescent lamps.

The lamp filament is enclosed in a quartz capsule filled with halogen gas. As a result, the bulbs or lamps are generally smaller because of the quartz capsule. Additionally, the bulbs can last up to 2,500 hours and can operate at higher temperatures than incandescent lights.

SIDUS’ Sea Torch lights have a depth rating of 3,000 meters, distinctively suited for lighting applications on remotely operated vehicles, wellhead inspection and other deep diving operations. Corrosion resistant stainless steel housing option.

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