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Video Laser Scan™ – MAYOL, A VLS™ 3D System

Video Laser Scan™ – MAYOL, A VLS™ 3D System

3D Mapping of Local Features

Whether you need to inspect a crack, a dent, a weld or any other kind of local features, the MAYOL VLS™ System operated by divers will generate for you a 3D High Accuracy Point Cloud. From a standoff distance between 0.5m and 1m the diver shoots a video with laser, flying most of the time in parallel to the feature. The video file is recorded on the SD card and downloaded onshore for further processing.

General dimensions as well as a 3D mesh/CAD give you all the dimensional info required for Integrity Management. The Point Cloud can also be used directly for FEA (Finite Element Analysis).

3D As-Built CAD Modeling

Most of the engineering projects such as modification or repair need to be based upon an accurate knowledge of the as-built. The MAYOL System operated by divers provides you with a full 3D As-built CAD Model of any Subsea Structure. From a standoff distance between 1 and 3 meters the diver shoots a video, turning around or flying above the structure. The video file is recorded on the SD card and then downloaded for further processing.

The 3D As-built CAD Model is available in any format (.dgn, .dwg, .step, .igs, etc.).

SIDUS Mayol Product Specifications


The MAYOL VLS™ System is a High-Accuracy Subsea 3D Measurement Instrument, depth rated 100 meters (328 ft.). Achievable accuracy is +/- 0.3 mm (@2sigma) on local features 3D mapping and 1/2000 (@2sigma) on 3D As-Built CAD Modeling.


The camera interface is the GoPro classic user interface, accessible through push buttons. The laser and the light user interfaces are on/off switches.


Data is recorded on SD card. When shooting at 4K and 30 images/second (DimEye recommendation), 55 minutes of video can be recorded.


•Flex Joint
•Mooring Chain
•Well Head
•Fairlead Wheel
•Polyester Rope

Local Features

  • High-accuracy 3D Measurement System for divers, down to +/- 0.3 mm (0.012 in) on local features.
  • The fastest, most accurate and easy to operate solution for the 3D Mapping of local features and the 3D As-Built CAD Modeling of Subsea Structures.
  • Depth rated 100 m (328 ft.)
  • Standoff distance: from 0.5 m (20 in) to 1m (40 in) for 3D Mapping of local features, from 1m (3 ft.) to 3m (10 ft.) for 3D As-Built CAD Modeling.