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SIDUS Cameras and Lighting Solutions

Engineered to withstand your environment

Unparalleled Accuracy and Repeatability

Because continuous knowledge of your environment is critical

Solutions on Target!

SIDUS crafted products are:

» Technologically-advanced
» Heavy-duty
» Feature-packed

Solutions On Target!

SIDUS Solutions’ innovative design and advanced technology has positioned us to be a global leader in pan & tilt and rotator manufacturing. Our subsea cameras, lights and lasers are designed to put eyes wherever you need them. We are also proud to be your complete service provider of robust security and surveillance systems.

For real time, 24/7 observation and data recording, SIDUS brings superior solutions to your design and application requirements. We provide Solutions on Target!

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UAS WEST Symposium, February 3-4, 2022. This outstanding virtual conference will integrate live audience interaction.

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September 3- 6, 2019. Aberdeen, UK.