Security & Surveillance Systems


We are ready for the deep, for very remote areas, for highly hazardous locations and for extreme conditions. SIDUS is ready to deliver the capability to observe your target as if you were right there, regardless of the elements! For outstanding security, safety, asset and facility management, we’ve put eyes exactly where you need them.

Our solutions are On Target!

For real time, 24/7 observation and data recording, SIDUS brings superior solutions to your design and application requirements.


Cameras – Lights – Pan and Tilts – Night Vision Systems

Installation Support – Commissioning Services


SIDUS, headquartered in San Diego, California, is a manufacturer and an integrated systems provider of robust security systems, surveillance systems and engineering/technical services. We have been chosen by numerous worldwide businesses in the defense, industrial and oil/gas markets.

Our products and integrated systems feature state-of-the-art, exclusive technologies that no other manufacturer can match.

Our application engineers are poised and ready to take on your most demanding requirements and provide you with a high quality SIDUS Solution!

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