Resources News SS455 Hyperbaric Camera Press Release

SS455 Hyperbaric Camera Press Release

SIDUS Solutions jumps ahead with its newly released

SS455 Hyperbaric Video Camera

Monitoring equipment installed in hyperbaric environments is essential to observe the condition of the occupants as they compress and decompress from deep-water diving operations.  Hyperbaric cameras are used in Hyperbaric Chambers that are sealed pressurized chambers for human occupation and provide a temporary dry-air environment for rest and recovery.  Diving Bells are used to transport divers deep underwater, providing a temporary base and retrieval system.

Purposely designed for use in helium and mixed gas environments, the SIDUS SS455 low-distortion, high-definition video camera offers a 187° field of view with digital pan, tilt, and zoom functions, infrared illumination, and a broad user feature set. 

Enhanced Video Quality

Equipped with a superb set of features, the SS455 offers a FOV of approximately 360° x 187° stereographic fisheye with no blind spots.  Scenes include fisheye, single panorama, double panorama, and quad view.  Other camera features include motion detection, video rotation (flip, mirror), auto focus, auto white balance, auto exposure, and video compression.  Video output is transported via ethernet or 2-wire power + video interconnect.

Hazardous Area Applications

The SS455 hard-anodized aluminum housing is completely self-contained and has been specifically design suitable for use in helium and mixed gas environments.   Additional housing options are available. All housings and ports comply with the rules of ANSI/ASME PVHO-1a, Safety Standard for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy.

About SIDUS Solutions, LLC

Established in 2000, SIDUS is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business integrated systems provider of security and video surveillance systems for the energy, nuclear, scientific research, military, and petrochemical industries. Developing hazardous area cameras, robotic-positioning, and lighting systems; SIDUS designs, services and manufactures complete, integrated security and surveillance solutions for any marine, defense, and subsea application.  Their world-class engineering staff provides seamless system integration, design, installation, and commissioning of all remote video surveillance systems. – SIDUS has a field-proven solution. 


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