COVID-19 Update

SIDUS Solutions will remain open and continue to operate in compliance with the State of  California’s ordinance. We are continuing to serve our customers and community through these complicated times. Right now, with new restrictions placed here in California , SIDUS works in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security and we have the responsibility to maintain a normal work schedule. We are taking these orders seriously, but again, SIDUS will remain open for business and we are following the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as State and local government officials. At this time, we will be shipping solely with delivery companies, there will be no in-person pickups. We will continue to assess the conditions as the COVID-19 situations evolve. SIDUS’s goal is to provide the highest customer service and support, with these changes, our hours have not changed and our sales team hours continue to operate as usual. We are here to support your every need and are dedicated to ensure the critical functions to our public health and safety as well as economic and national security. Thank you for understanding and please contact us for any of your needs. It is SIDUS’s mission to provide superior products, solutions and service to our global customer... read more

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Posted: Jan 20th, 2020 Senior Mechanical Design Engineer: Plan, organize, and lead technical work and departmental efforts related to product development, processing, tooling, and testing for the company’s subsea and hazards area camera and video monitoring products and systems. Analyze program requirements with technical leads and distill into mechanical design requirements. Translate technical designs into specific plans of action and direct product engineering activities throughout all stages of development to production phase. Establish and adhere to project timelines and budgetary restrictions throughout product development. Lead internal efforts and manage workflow to produce design documentation, drawings, and calculations to meet technical, contractual, schedule, budgetary, and client service objectives for each project. Perform advanced modeling, DFM/DFMA techniques, and simulation analysis to predict component, interconnectedness, and system performance to optimize design around established components. Create free body diagrams, strength calculations, static and dynamic Finite Element Analysis (FEA), multi-part tolerance stack analysis, and thermal and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis. Analyze and verify preliminary and detailed designs developed by Mechanical Design Engineers using hand calculations and FEA/CFD analysis techniques. Create and maintain 3D CAD models using Solidworks and Unigraphics NX and manage the CAD model library using PDM tools such as PDM and Teamcenter. Develop manufacturing, assembling, and operational procedures using Lean Six Sigma principles. Develop test plans, protocols, and reports to ensure designs meet product and part specifications, regulatory requirements, and applicable standards for new equipment and processes. Work with the engineering team to analyze, investigate, and resolve routine and complex engineering problems. Apply Corrective Action Prevention Action (CAPA) techniques and create ECO & NCRs for quality assurance and continuous improvement of... read more

SIDUS Leonard Pool presenting at World Ocean Forum

Leonard Pool, SIDUS Managing Director, has been invited by the World Ocean Forum Committee to present at The 8th Annual World Ocean Forum in Busan, Korea. Mr. Pool will be presenting on the prerequisites of closed video recording for underwater programs. Leonard is looking forward to his trip to Korea, meeting the other distinguished speakers and to share his experience and knowledge of the subsea industry. World Ocean Forum 2014, LP bio for prerequisite of closed video recording for underwater programs,... read more

SIDUS Solutions awarded

SIDUS Solutions received an award for 10 years of participation in the Student Intern Program administered through the San Diego chapter of the Marine Technology Society. For 10 years SIDUS has provided a six-week summer experience for motivated high school students. The students were provided with a hands-on, science/technology experience, building important scientific, technical and employment skills under the direction of a workplace mentor. This year, Tristan Murphy, student at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, joined the team. To read his story, click here. SIDUS Solutions is very proud of their involvement in this program and will continue to do... read more


SIDUS Solutions exhibited at the OCEANS ‘12 MTS/IEEE event held in Hampton Roads (VA), October 14 to 19. This event was a perfect venue for SIDUS to address and connect with existing clients and key decision makers that work on the Eastern Coast of the U.S. either in technology, maritime or the U.S. Government. This year’s theme was “Harnessing the Power of the Ocean”, and it was driven to identify seven societal benefits: – Improving predictions of climate change and weather, their effects on coastal communities and the nation – Improving the safety and efficiency of marine operations – Mitigating the effects of natural hazards – Improving national and homeland security – Reducing public health risks – Protecting and restoring healthy coastal marine ecosystems – Enabling the sustained use of marine resources Each of these areas is important to the wellbeing of SIDUS staff, the company and the people they serve. With their cutting-edge subsea video cameras, lighting and robotic positioning devices for extreme environments, SIDUS actively helps harness the power of the ocean and was thankful to join this event to raise awareness for these... read more

SIDUS Solutions support MTS Society Summer Intern Program

San Diego, CA – October 16, 2012 As part of their way to give back to the community and support future engineers, SIDUS Solutions supports the MTS Society Summer Intern Program. This year, Tristan Murphy, student at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, joined the team. Tristan Murphy, student at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego with oil filter systemPart of this program is giving students interested in Marine Technology the opportunity to experience the working world. Within six weeks Tristan was shown how the company works and what the responsibility of the engineering department are, from filing to building prototypes. During his internship at SIDUS Solutions, Tristan built an oil filter system designed to recycle the white mineral oil used in SIDUS’ pan & tilt units. The project was a success and the system he built is being used today. Tristan also visited NASSCO, accompanying Managing Director Leonard Pool, for the commissioning of the TAK-E 14 ship equipment that SIDUS supplies. This was a great opportunity to see how SIDUS’ equipment works in the field and have a tour of a shipyard. SIDUS Solutions hopes Tristan enjoyed himself and wishes him all the best for his future. For more information on the MTS Society Summer Intern Program and how to join, please visit the website:... read more

SIDUS Solutions and Top Side Offshore Technology join forces

Topside Offshore Technology has joined forces with security and survelliance system specialist Sidus Solutions Inc. to form a new indentity, Sidus Solutions LLC. Topside Offshore Technology and Sidus Solutions will together provide the end user one-stop shopping for hazardous area CCTV monitoring equipment as well as sub-sea cameras systems. Sidus already offers a broad product range of sub-sea cameras, lights, lasers and positioning systems and with this merger both companies can now provide the industry with an even more complete CCTV solutions. From crane camera systems to deep water inspection packages, the new partnership will provide the highest level of service and support by both companies. Leonard Pool states, “With this merger our customers will enjoy the benefits of a complete managed camera system for topside systems and sub-sea. Both of our products lines compliment each other extremely well. Also our agents and dealers globally will also benefit by being able to provide a total solution to their customers.” For our products visit our websites and... read more

SS250 PAN & TILT passes test for acoustic system

San Diego, CA – December 4, 2008 Sidus Solutions, Inc’s SS250 pan & tilt recently passed a benchmark test with flying colors for a major subsea acoustics provider. Within a small foot print, the SS250 can position heavy loads with ease and high accuracy. Delivering a whopping 65 ft-lbs of maximum torque, the pan & tilt successfully provided precision positioning of a 50 lb sonar system while subjected to currents over 8.6 knots. The SS250 features a unique module design and internal pressure compensation capable of operation to a deep as 3000 meters. The SS250 gains its dependability and ease of maintenance through integration of reversible synchronous motors, extremely low backlash harmonic drives and precision ball bearings. Other standard features include adjustable speeds up to 35 deg/s and digital encoder feedback remotely accessible via a RS232 or RS485 interface. The unit can be customized with customer selectable hard stops and subsea connector configurations. Sidus Solutions, Inc. (SSI), headquartered in San Diego, California, is an integrated systems provider of robust security and surveillance systems and services for numerous worldwide businesses in the heavy commercial, industrial and oil and gas markets. The impressive test data and compact, rugged design of the pan & tilt resulted in a large contract awarded to Sidus for several SS250 units. For more products visit our website – See more at:... read more