San Diego, CA – October 16, 2012
As part of their way to give back to the community and support future engineers, SIDUS Solutions supports the MTS Society Summer Intern Program. This year, Tristan Murphy, a student at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, joined the team.

Tristan Murphy is a student at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego with an oil filter system. Part of this program is allowing students interested in Marine Technology to experience the working world. Within six weeks Tristan was shown how the company works and what the responsibility of the engineering department is, from filing to building prototypes.

During his internship at SIDUS Solutions, Tristan built an oil filter system designed to recycle the white mineral oil used in SIDUS’ pan & tilt units. The project was a success and the system he built is being used today.

Tristan also visited NASSCO, accompanying Managing Director Leonard Pool, for the commissioning of the TAK-E 14 ship equipment that SIDUS supplies. This was a great opportunity to see how SIDUS’ equipment works in the field and have a tour of a shipyard.

SIDUS Solutions hopes Tristan enjoyed himself and wishes him all the best for his future.

For more information on the MTS Society Summer Intern Program and how to join, please visit the website: