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SIDUS’ team is here to provide you with an excellent customer service experience. Contact the team member you need by calling our office or messaging them directly through the link provided below.
Managing Director:
Leonard Pool
Phone: 619-275-5533
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Operations Manager:
Eddie Villalobos
Phone: 619-275-5533 ext. 317
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Phone: 619-275-5533 ext. 301
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Sales: Business Area Managers


Larry Hagstrom
Phone: 619-275-5533 ext. 302
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Chris Thayer – Houston/Gulf of Mexico
Phone: 281-468-0828
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General Sales
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Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Jackie Broussard
Phone: 619-275-5533 ext. 300
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Customer/Repair Service:
Phone: 619-275-5533
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