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Topside Offshore Technology has joined forces with security and survelliance system specialist Sidus Solutions Inc. to form a new indentity, Sidus Solutions LLC. Topside Offshore Technology and Sidus Solutions will together provide the end user one-stop shopping for hazardous area CCTV monitoring equipment as well as sub-sea cameras systems. Sidus already offers a broad product range of sub-sea cameras, lights, lasers and positioning systems and with this merger both companies can now provide the industry with an even more complete CCTV solutions. From crane camera systems to deep water inspection packages, the new partnership will provide the highest level of service and support by both companies. Leonard Pool states, “With this merger our customers will enjoy the benefits of a complete managed camera system for topside systems and sub-sea. Both of our products lines compliment each other extremely well. Also our agents and dealers globally will also benefit by being able to provide a total solution to their customers.” For our products visit our websites and