Subsea Video Cameras, LED lighting, Positioners, and Lasers

SIDUS understands that situational awareness – knowing the critical elements of information around you—is paramount in hazardous and high-risk industries. For this reason, SIDUS products incorporate the innovation, integration, and durability you require for all of your imaging, monitoring, and surveillance projects.

Our Services

Leverage the expertise of the SIDUS team.  As flexible as our customers are unique, SIDUS prides itself on providing excellent customer service and prompt response. We offer 24/7 Technical assistance, commissioning services, engineering expertise, customer and sales training certification, integrations, upgrades, in-the-field installations, and field technician services.

Technical Support Engineers on site, 24/7 Technical Support

Assessment & Consulting

Security surveillance and monitoring systems for subsea, underwater, or topside, for hazardous or safe areas – SIDUS’ electronic, mechanical, and project management expertise provides you with Solutions!

Sidus Solutions Field Service, 24/7 Technical Support

Installation & Commissioning

SIDUS installation and commissioning services include detailed project management, inventory, and inspection of identified equipment, system installation through to site acceptance test (SAT), customer training, and documentation.

Sidus manufacturing and supply

Manufacturing & Supply

Sidus Solutions, LLC remains true to our original founder’s goal of providing the most innovative and robust subsea & hazardous area monitoring products in the industry.

Our Products

SIDUS products are manufactured by skilled artisans at our San Diego location with the highest standards of quality and cutting-edge technology. Our subsea positioners, cameras, lights, lasers, and surveillance systems are engineered and constructed to withstand the harshest environments and the ocean’s greatest depths.

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Subsea & Topsides Hazardous Area Surveillance Cameras

Situational awareness, security, and observation of crew and assets are critical in hazardous and safe area environments. Specializing in environmental cameras, robotic positioning, and lighting systems, SIDUS services and manufactures complete, integrated security and surveillance solutions for any marine, defense, and subsea application.

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Compact & Heavy-Duty Positioning Assemblies

SIDUS has developed the most technologically advanced, heavy-duty positioners in the industry. Our absolute encoder-designed pan & tilts and rotators are feature-packed positioners, providing unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. We offer customers single and multi-axis positioners with distinctive modular designs that allow for simplified field support.

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Subsea Lighting

Our high-efficiency LED lights offer the perfect illumination for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), dive helmets, subsea inspection systems, deep sea monitoring, hand-held dive lights, and specialty applications. SIDUS lighting solutions provide outstanding brightness and luminance for underwater video and photography, as well as many topside functions.

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SIDUS’ laser series is available in green or red, line or point options. Lasers designed to withstand some of the most challenging environments on the planet, while delivering the results you need for various applications: video scaling, distance calculating, leak detection, and flaw detection.

Site Security, Intrusion Detection, and Prevention

Monitoring a designated asset or area to detect suspicious or unusual activities, and generate alerts increases overall security and situational awareness. Based upon these alerts, a security operations center (SOC) analyst or incident responder can investigate and take the appropriate actions to remediate the threat.

SS474 HDR IP Security Surveillance Camera
SS560 Ultra Mini HD IP Color Security Camera
SS400 HD IP Color Security Surveillance Camera
HERNIS CCTV Hazardous Area Security and Surveillance Systems

Product Solutions

Oil & Gas offshore rigs require product solutions that can withstand rigorous, hazardous, and harsh environmental stressors that will be a part of their ongoing stability, maintenance, and repair.  SIDUS has built a reputation for delivering robust and reliable subsea and topsides security surveillance systems, inspection systems, deep-sea video cameras, lasers, positioning devices, and lighting solutions that withstand the test of time and deployment.

Hernis CCTV camera stations and software solutions

Ask about The HERNIS™ FLEX system

The HERNIS™ FLEX Solution

However your site is configured, FLEX has the capability to seamlessly integrate with operations to give you a system loaded with features. The HERNIS™ FLEX system is a purpose-built CCTV system for monitoring and surveillance of industry critical infrastructure.

The solution comprises both software and hardware optimized for robust and resilient performance in harsh and hazardous environments.

What is FLEX?

Safety, security, and process control demand a rapid response to any non-prescribed event. Whether the incident involves attempted unauthorized access or an unusual fluctuation in process parameters, prompt action can prevent a minor incident from becoming a major problem. Discover why FLEX is the proven system in hazardous and industrial areas.

HWIN Software + HERNIS Camera Stations = FLEX

HERNIS™ FLEX combines HERNIS™ CCTV cameras with our proven HWIN software to provide a centralized video surveillance system for the distribution and recording of network-streamed video. The system can be accessed and managed from one or more control stations, on-site or remotely.

The HWIN operating environment makes managing video and cameras extremely simple. Using intuitive pop-up menus and drag-and-drop functionality, operators can rapidly perform tasks such as setting camera viewing sequences, adjusting camera settings, viewing multiple screens, or taking snapshots, camera viewing sequences, adjusting camera settings, viewing multiple screens, or taking snapshots.


Hernis Ethernet-over-Coax Solution

Upgrade your analog CCTV system at a fraction of the cost of a new installation.

Ethernet-over-Coax system will allow IP data to be transmitted across existing analog cabling. Customers can upgrade to a highly superior IP system without the disruption and cost of replacing all cabling in the installation.

Overcome cabling distance limitations

The EoC reaches up to 500 meters (1640 feet).  Overcome the cost and hassle of additional network switches.

Hernis Ethernet-over-Coax Solution
Hernis Ethernet Solutions

Subsea & Topsides
Situational Awareness

We provide services and equipment for subsea, heavy commercial, industrial, and oil & gas markets. In addition to internal manufacturing, SIDUS provides third-party security systems integration and engineering services for monitoring apparatus to enhance safety, ensure security and increase inspection surveillance & productivity.

These systems range from simple crane camera systems, derrick camera systems, and helideck camera systems, to advanced digital IP CCTV systems with over 90 cameras and 20 monitor stations.  All offer a wide range of explosion-proof CCTV solutions. 

SD70 outdoor dome HD IP EoC Safe Area Camera
XF EX Thermal Fixed Camera Range
Hernis Hazardous Area Camera Station EX286W HD IP

CCTV Low-Latency System

When a low-latency system is an absolute requirement, HERNIS™ FLEX is the solution. With unparalleled, field-tested reliability in hazardous areas, FLEX will assist your operations and protect your people and processes.

HERNIS™ FLEX is scalable, flexible, and designed for you – from a small monitoring station to a multi-site extensive operation, we build industry-leading CCTV systems that meet your requirements.

When you choose FLEX, you’re investing in a futureproof CCTV system. The modular system is upgradeable, scalable, and highly durable – a claim solidly supported by systems still reliably operating in hazardous areas after 40+ years.  Cutting-edge technology from market-leading brand HERNIS™.

CCTV Security Surveillance & Monitoring Systems

SIDUS offers the widest range of camera stations and system solutions, we have the products and experience to meet today’s demanding surveillance and security needs. With products available that are explosion-protected or weatherproof, analog or IP, fixed, dome or PTZ, our experience, and proven reliability can meet your specification requirements.

Camera stations can either be installed on the HERNIS™ system or as a complete range of products sold as individual units. Our security surveillance and monitoring system camera product range is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and is offered in both EX and Safe Area Fixed or PTZ optical, thermal & dual imaging options and can be configured in Analog, HD 1080P, or Hybrid encoder video modes with fiber optic transmission.

SD70 outdoor dome HD IP EoC Safe Area Camera
XF EX Thermal Fixed Camera Range
Esprit Enhanced Series PTZ Pressurized Camera with Wiper
Esprit Enhanced Series Standard with Wiper
Esprit Compact PTZ Cameras

Esprit® Camera Series

The Esprit® Camera Series offers responsive, high-definition, high-speed positioning capabilities, outstanding weather protection including wiper options, and ease of installation.

Mitigate security and theft risks with the Esprit Enhanced cameras, enabled with White Light Illuminator for clear details in all lighting and environmental conditions

EXSITE® Enhanced Explosion Proof Camera Series

The EXSITE® camera series is a rugged and reliable line of PTZ, illuminators, and fixed cameras purpose-built to monitor and control operations in hazardous locations with risks of explosion due to the presence of flammable liquids, gases, or dust.

Available in compact, fixed, PTZ, and PTZ, with IR option.

EXSITE® Enhanced IR PTZ 2 Series Camera
EXSITE® Enhanced PTZ 3 Series Camera
EXSITE® Enhanced Fixed 2 Camera Series
EXSITE® Enhanced 2 Compact Series Camera

Subsea. Topsides. Security Surveillance.

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