Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Posted: Jan 20th, 2020

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer: Plan, organize, and lead technical work and departmental efforts related to product development, processing, tooling, and testing for the company’s subsea and hazards area camera and video monitoring products and systems. Analyze program requirements with technical leads and distill into mechanical design requirements. Translate technical designs into specific plans of action and direct product engineering activities throughout all stages of development to production phase. Establish and adhere to project timelines and budgetary restrictions throughout product development. Lead internal efforts and manage workflow to produce design documentation, drawings, and calculations to meet technical, contractual, schedule, budgetary, and client service objectives for each project. Perform advanced modeling, DFM/DFMA techniques, and simulation analysis to predict component, interconnectedness, and system performance to optimize design around established components. Create free body diagrams, strength calculations, static and dynamic Finite Element Analysis (FEA), multi-part tolerance stack analysis, and thermal and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis. Analyze and verify preliminary and detailed designs developed by Mechanical Design Engineers using hand calculations and FEA/CFD analysis techniques. Create and maintain 3D CAD models using Solidworks and Unigraphics NX and manage the CAD model library using PDM tools such as PDM and Teamcenter. Develop manufacturing, assembling, and operational procedures using Lean Six Sigma principles. Develop test plans, protocols, and reports to ensure designs meet product and part specifications, regulatory requirements, and applicable standards for new equipment and processes. Work with the engineering team to analyze, investigate, and resolve routine and complex engineering problems. Apply Corrective Action Prevention Action (CAPA) techniques and create ECO & NCRs for quality assurance and continuous improvement of products. Provide functional management to the team to ensure quality, business, and financial objectives are achieved in a timely manner. Serve as liaison and coordinate development activities of internal and external resources. Support investigation of emerging technologies to develop concepts for future product designs. Will supervise 3 mechanical design engineers.

Requirements: The position requires a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and two years of experience in the job offered or a related position. The position requires skills and knowledge in Solidworks 3D CAD & PDM, AutoCAD, CAD Management tools such ANSYS Workbench & ANSYS FLUENT, FEA/CFD analysis, standard drafting practices, project management, and product quality analysis. 40 hours/week.

Job Site: San Diego, CA.

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